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Do you have dreams that you know are inspired by God, but are unfulfilled? Have you set goals for yourself but really don’t know where to start to accomplish them? Well you are not alone! It is God’s desire to bless us by completing down to the last detail the assignments He has given us, and often times He reveals these assignments to us through our imagination. The dreams and goals God has placed in your heart are there for a reason – to bring you joy, peace, fulfillment, and prosperity as they come to pass while advancing His kingdom!

If you are ready to turn you God-inspired dreams into reality, then this course is for you! The Vision Board Course hosted by Terri Savelle Foy is a six week curriculum designed for individuals. Terri will lead the you through the practical steps you must take to turn vision into reality using vision boards as a tool. Watch as you see your dreams defined and goals set before God so He can unleash his power, favor, and strategies to turn the vision into reality.


Get ready to commit to these six weeks that will forever change the direction of you life!

What I will learn?

  • - spot the right story for your listener
  • - find the ending that will bring a new understanding
  • - hone in on the details that make a richer story
  • - piece together and tell your story quickly
  • - create a deep connection with your listener
  • - land the ending in a profound, impactful way

Course Curriculum

How to apply makeup

  • Eye Shawdo day look
  • How to do lips

How to glow
this will show you how to Glow

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Target Audience

  • If you tell stories to help others, whether as a mentor, a caring friend, as a Sunday School leader, or in a group study setting, or really in any setting where you desire to help people move toward God, this course is designed for you.