Meditation for Christians: A Biblical Approach

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This course covers the theory and practice of meditation as it applies to a Biblical or Christian worldview. Using key Biblical passages as your guide, you will learn how to cultivate greater peace and wisdom in your life as you impress the word of God deep into your heart and mind.
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What I will learn?

  • Experience greater peace and calm in life.
  • Be less reactive to stressful situations.
  • Plant the word of God deeply into your mind and body.
  • Appreciate the relationship between meditation and the Christian tradition.
  • Get started right away with eight guided meditations included in the course.
  • Use scriptural passages to create your own meditation experiences.

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The Importance of Meditation in the Christian Life
Meditation has been an essential practice for Christians throughout history, but it has become less emphasized in recent times. However, Christian meditation is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and deepening our relationship with God. In this module, we will explore the biblical basis for meditation, the benefits of meditation for Christians, and how it can contribute to our spiritual growth. We will also discuss the obstacles to meditation and the discipline required to make it a regular part of our lives.

Methods of Christian Meditation

Breath Prayer

The Fruits of Christian Meditation

Integrating Meditation into Daily Life

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Target Audience

  • This meditation course is for anyone interested in bringing peace and focus into their lives by learning a worshipful, Christian oriented approach to meditation. You do not need to be a church-going person or practice a particular faith.